Merit badges/Cyberchip

To start a merit badge during Coronavirus, you must first contact the counselor of that merit badge. To find out who the counselor is you can email and then get a workbook for that merit badge.Merit badge workbooks are helpful and can help you understand and organize things you need to do to complete merit badges.Then you can begin working on requirements to fulfill the merit badge. Once you finish a requirement, email your counselor your work and have them email you back. If there is a requirement that you can’t do due to the Coronavirus or any other condition, then contact your merit badge counselor and see if they will let you do an alternate requirement.

To renew the Cyberchip, go to

Then watch the video "Friend or fake" and 2 additional videos of your choice. Then, discuss the videos with a counselor and sign a contract with your parents about your online safety rules.