Reimbursement Procedures

For Reimbursement Forms:

At various times, you will incur costs on behalf of the troop that require reimbursement, such as buying food for a camp out. You or your scout will receive a budget from the leader in charge of the event for which the cost is incurred. Please be careful not to exceed the budget. Keep your receipts and staple them to the back of the troop's reimbursement form, which can be found on the troop website at: Click on the menu option "Troop 1430 > Troop Files > Reimbursement_Form.pdf".

When filling out the form:

  1. You do not need to itemize everything you purchased, especially if it is an entire shopping list. You can simply write something like "Walmart Groceries" with the corresponding cost. If you have multiple receipts, enter each on a different line, such as "Walmart Groceries" & "Harris Teeter Groceries".

  2. Do not sign the form yet. The troop treasurer uses the signature as an indication that you have received your check. When the treasurer hands you a reimbursement check, they will ask you to sign the form at that time.

  3. Bring the reimbursement request to a meeting and give it to the troop treasurer. (John Keffer). He generally sits in the back of the room. If you don't know John Keffer, ask an assistant scoutmaster (ASM) or any other leader to point him out. Unless we are having a special meeting (pool, merit badge month, etc) the treasurer will generally provide you with a reimbursement check during the meeting.

If there are any questions, please find John Keffer during a meeting or email them at and ask for clarification. The treasurers goal is to get your reimbursements to you as quickly as possible while maintaining proper records.