1. Have all your requirements signed off in your handbook by a scout who is at least two ranks above your next rank. (example: 1st Class Scouts may sign off on Scout and Tenderfoot rank requirements). ASMs are authorized to sign off on any rank requirements.

  2. Have a Scoutmaster conference with the Scoutmaster or an ASM at least one week before your requested BOR date.

  3. Update your rank requirement dates in Scoutbook using the signoff dates from your Handbook. This will require that you access and update your Scoutbook account, you can ask a parent for help.

  4. Update your camping, hiking and services hours logs in both your handbook and in your Scoutbook account online - they should match exactly.Print out your Advancement Form from Scoutbook. Look under My Dashboard>Individual Record>Scouts BSA Report

  5. Submit a request for a BOR using the online Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/q6HvrR13LZUz1HGm2

  6. Once you have been given a date for your Board, reply to the BOR email to confirm your attendance. No-shows without notice will cause a delay in scheduling your Board.

  7. On the date of your Board - Wear your Class A uniform (look your best), bring your updated Handbook, and Advancement Form. Report to Mr. Lai, Mr. Capell or Mr. Corej after Patrol Lines.